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Washing out device

Adds quality to natural beauty of concrete product surface.


  • Environmental friendly (Only operated with water and air)
  • Applicable to any manufacturing line / Customizable
  • Least change needed from existing facility
  • Independent power system separated from main machine
  • Easily repairable
  • Exposes natural beauty of concrete product surface
  • Special blocks such as Permeable block can be produced.


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Machine Description

제품사양을 보여주는 표
Machine Name WOD 1400 Product type Nozzle spray method
Size Customizable to production line Nozzle type Ø0.8 / 95 degree fan shape
Voltage 200V 3-cable 60Hz (Pumpline heat rays 200V) Control Control box (Washing speed and water pressure are adjustable)
Level adjustment Easily adjustable by Rotating handle Water tank 200L water tank is independently installed (internal filter / water line connected)
Pump / Motor Centrifugal