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Steel Logistics Pallet

  • · Possess of Pallet volume minimizing technology
  • · Technologies with support of Structural dynamics: Light-weighted and Strong support in navigable environment
  • · New product that overcome shortcomings of steel pallet in process of mass production
  • · Independent Oversea sales department manage worldwide direct trading
  • · Customizable design to buyers’ specific needs


  • Loading weight ranges from 500kg to 5 tons. Various products can be customized and supplied.
  • No concern of waste or microorganism contagion. Disinfection is unnecessary.
  • No water absorption into pallets prevents unloading caused by humidity.
  • Can be recollected and reused, which make steel pallets economic.
  • When dispose, it can be sold as steel scrap which allow capital recollection. Recycling of steel also helps environment.
  • No dust or other waste created from pallets maintains clean working environment.
  • Final packaged product looks high-end and well-packed.
  • Samjung always research for new products.

Strength and Weakness by Pallet materials

팔렛트 재질에따른 장단점 표
Description Steel Wood Plastic
Durability Permanent Flammable Semi-permanent
Unit Price Low Low High
Environmental restriction None Under restrictions Under restrictions
Waste creation Reusable Cause environmental pollution Cause environmental pollution
Strength Strong Weak Strong
Loading condition No moisture absorption Absorbs moisture Absorbs moisture
Separability Easily separable Easily separable Cannot separate

Light-weighted steel pallet

We do not weld by common SPOT welding method. Samjung is the only company in its industries who does CO2 automatic robot welding,
which guarantees uniform quality and strong welding.

  Light-load Heavy-load
EW 4way –
Proper for light export loading and domestic/warehouse storage purpose
EH 4way –
Proper for disposable export purpose

Heavy load steel pallet

Proper for heavy export loading and domestic/warehouse storage purpose All joint parts are welded by strong CO2 welding method

  • SHH 4way

  • SWH 4way

  • SIH 2way

  • SHG 4way

  • SWG 4way




Special Pallet

Different designs(size and shape) are customizable depending on usage purpose.
Pallet with any size and loading weight is possible on customer’s request.

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